Krillin’ Time is a fictional Idle/Clicker game for iPhone about a Whale that eats everything in the universe.

The project involved designing the interface and user experience from sketch to high quality mock-ups (not final artwork), as well as creating a UX Document and interactive prototype.

Above is an interactive prototype made for the design. You can try clicking around to view the design in action, but note that not every single link is functional – only certain actions that were necessary when carrying out usability testing. On an iPhone, you can also save this link to your home screen and open it to test it out natively.
A section of the final UX Document, created to showcase the design and explain how it functions.


Selection of sketches showing planning and development for various screens in the app’s design.

sketch2A sketched flow chart to develop ideas and plan the UX Document.


An early prototype to analyse and explore the design mid-way through the project. Adopting a rapid and agile prototyping workflow allowed the design to develop as effectively as possible, focusing on producing the best and most intuitive experience for the user while also working in a limited time frame.

The final UX Document, showing each screen and their relationships with each other. Care was put into even small aspects such as alternate button states and animations, adding an extra level of depth and polish to the design through Micro UX details. The design focuses on allowing the user to be able to carry out all actions – from any area within the game – in the minimum amount of steps possible for a frustration-free and intuitive experience. The UX Document was created with the intention that a programmer could use it to produce an accurate, functional version of the design without any extra assistance.

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